Become a Technological Partner

Our technological partners are an essential part of our services. We’re delivering on our promise of transforming the executives of modern infrastructure and enabling wireless power transfer solutions to move at the speed of business.

Together with our dedicated partners, we develop success scenarios for our ambitious customers. Join our partner network and increase growth while implementing our groundbreaking solutions. We are providing professional services focused on strategy, implementation, and support of our product experience technology.

Contact us about your opportunities for success and our mutual growth.

Technological Partner Details

  • Specialists technological partners
    The technological partners we work with are all specialists in the areas of network, installers, hardware or software. By working together with a network of specialists, we offer the best solution for your organization.
  • Network partners
    For the provisioning of connections with guarantees on quality and availability, we work with Network Partners, who have worldwide covering infrastructure.
  • Hardware partners
    IPT Technology works with the proven technology of our Hardware Partners. Because of this, we can build on an extensive set of best practices with the delivery of our services.
  • Software partners
    Due to the innovative solutions of our Software Partners, we deliver applications with intelligent power transfer infrastructure, with the best user experience.
  • Installer partnerships
    IPT makes it easy to select and install its wireless power transfer applications. Our research & development teams have focused on ease of installation. Before and during the installation, accurate advice and timely support are available

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