Innovative power transfer for a world of movement

Whether public transport, commercial vehicle fleet, industrial applications or ferry: IPT Technology provides the solution for continuous or discontinuous wireless charging. We combine the know-how and expertise of power electronics experts, mechanics, technicians, software engineers and project managers into a total solution that contributes to your success. A solution that is based on our high-performance charging technology ready for use in a variety in applications.

Safe and efficient – the future begins today

Wireless power transfer lets the future begin today. Whereas other technologies require physical connection or impact battery lifetime, our charging solutions have it all. Specific skills are not necessary to operate our e-mobility and industrial charging solutions. Depending on the charging strategy – depot or en-route – the onboard battery capacity can be reduced to a minimum necessary along with improved battery lifetime and vehicle efficiency.

Safe and solid – for your and others safety

Wireless power transfer makes charging and electrification as safe as could be. Without live parts and with no plugs to connect or disconnect charging or electrification are safe under all climate conditions; even underwater! Depending on the solution you chose, the wireless charging installation is fully integrated, preventing it from getting dirty. Embedded in floor, street or quayside the installation if fully vandalism-proof.

Clean state-of-the-art technology

Whether in industry or transport, the charge solutions of IPT have much to offer. Think about the convenience the automated, intervention-free battery charging brings to the society. The unobtrusively charging technology can be fully integrated into urban environments without the distorting effects of charging stations. And best of all: based on the available power grid our inductive charging solutions bring zero-emission transport at your fingertips.

Charging strategy: home, depot or en-route

For the past 20 years, the engineers from IPT Technology have not followed trends; they set them. With a technology that is safe and reliable as well as efficient and convenient. Depending on your requirements and specific environmental situation, we offer solutions that can fit in every wireless charging strategy: home, depot or en-route charging. Solutions that can take you from overnight to charging en-route enabling wireless semi-dynamic or dynamic charging making your infrastructure ready for autonomous driving.

Fast en-route opportunity charging

Charging stations are located in the depot, at end stops and en-route at strategically positioned bus stops for wireless recharging while letting passengers on and off. The charging process is seamlessly integrated to allow continuous service, optimum fleet availability and high efficiency.

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