Wireless charging for a smooth and safe power transfer from shore to the ferry

In Fredrikstad (Norway) the ferry connecting old and new town exists for almost 500 years. In 2017 the discussions started to convert this connection, and to use a fully-electric ferry. While the distance crossing the river is quite short, the 50-passenger ferry today, and also in the future is supposed to provide service 24-7.

IPT has developed a wireless charging system for a smooth and safe transfer of energy from shore to ship.
A great new market application for fully electric ships like ferries, for example. Wireless charging is best suited for uses with a high number of charging periods per day. Water and electricity go perfectly well together using induction technology and therefore exceptionally reliable in harsh maritime climates.


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The benefits of the IPT Wireless Charging System:

Safety & Availability:

  • High safety solution
  • Excellent weather protection
  • No galvanic cable connections ship to shore
  • High availability
  • A broad margin for movement ship versus shore
  • Immune to ice and snow
  • Water & electricity go well together using induction technology

The total cost of ownership (TCO):

  • Low wear and tear
  • Low lifecycle cost
  • High efficiency (> 92%)
  • A high charging time ratio
  • One person operation

Future proof:

  • Ready for autonomous operation

The challenge

In order to keep costs for the city reasonable, the 24-7 operation only allows for one person to operate the ferry. How should a single person plug or unplug the charge cable and at the same time perform the duties of a captain? – It’s impossible, at least with a conventional charger.

The solutions

Fredrikstad specifically requested wireless inductive charging for its ferry in the public tender, as our systems allows to continue unrestricted operation of the ferry 24-7-365.


Fully-electric 50 passenger ferry in Fredrikstad since 2019

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