IPT is excited and honoured to be part of the international task force with SAE for global standardisation of wireless light-duty and heavy-duty electric-vehicle charging.

With nearly 25 years of development and practical experience in the field, we are convinced to contribute to the acceleration of the technology’s rollout.

SAE ensures that electric vehicle wireless power transfer systems from diverse manufacturers will seamlessly interoperate with each other. SAE TIR J2954 (light-duty vehicles) & SAE TIR J2954/2 (heavy-duty vehicles) is the norm for inductive testing and a guide to assure the performance and safety of Wireless Power Transfer systems when parts of the system are provided from different vendors. All of this makes it possible to transfer power over an air gap with high efficiencies seamlessly, automate charging, and extend the vehicle customer’s range only by parking in the right spot.

SAE TIR J2954/2 establishes an industry-wide specification guideline that defines good interoperability, safety, and testing for wireless charging of heavy-duty and offroad BEV and PHEV vehicles and equipment applications. The goal is to aim for harmonisation with SAE J2954 (light-duty vehicles) standardisation. Power Classes for heavy-duty vehicles and equipment applications are above 22 kW. In addition, vehicle to Ground Assembly alignment is also included.