Become an Lead Referral Partner

Earn a commission on every lead you submit to IPT when the deal is successfully closed.
Our Referral Program makes it easy for consultants, opinion leaders and business evangelists to submit leads to IPT. Ideal for those whose capabilities do not extend to selling IPT solutions.

How it works
Once the referral partner identifies a quality lead, the partner fills in the IPT Lead Referral Form and sends it to our Business development department. This form will route the lead to the suitable IPT Business Developer to determine that IPT is not already pursuing the lead. IPT will inform the Partner within a few days of deciding to follow the lead and act in good faith regarding the lead.

Receive the following benefits that will positively impact your bottom line:

  • It’s easy to join at no cost to you
  • Quick response time 
  • Guaranteed secrecy for opportunities

Generate leads 
Once a lead is submitted, the information is reaching to one of our Business Developers for review. They will contact you to validate the opportunity and to ensure that the correct people are involved. Our Business Developers are specialized in their respective fields, and we guarantee that their expertise will be impressive when speaking to your customers. Rest assured that your lead will be our top priority, and we are here to support your efforts entirely.

Let IPT do the work
It’s easy; submit your lead using the IPT referral form on this page and let our team configure the solution. When we close a deal, we provide full transparency throughout the entire process.

If the company you referred to us decides to buy from IPT, you will earn a percentage of the revenue upon closure of the sale. See the IPT Referral Program document for additional terms and conditions. We do the work on the deal, and you benefit by being there every step of the way to learn and gain more first-hand insight into our technologies.

To be eligible to earn lead referral fees, you or your organization must meet the following requirements:

  • Complete the IPT Lead Referral Form before a transaction takes place
  • Submit only new opportunities not previously known to IPT
  • Be in good standing with IPT
  • Referral Fees are established and agreed upon in the Referral Fee Annex and will be paid upon successful close of the sale.

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