IPT® Rail 85 kHz (NEW)

Contactless energy transfer with the new IPT 85 kHz platform is a significant improvement of power supply for rail-mounted conveyor applications in the industry.

When supplying power to rail-mounted vehicles, a continuous inductive contactless supply is generally required along the entire path of travel. IPT® Rail 85 kHz features a protruding primary track that is installed parallel to the rail. The elevated installation of the cable to guide vehicles allow the use of E-shape pickups that are attached to the driven vehicle and envelope both track cables from several sides. Due to a high clock frequency of 85 kHz, we offer the highest system efficiencies, smallest application sizes and system weights.

Shorter production times and higher efficiency

The ultra-compact IPT® Rail 85 kHz solution has no moving parts. Combined with significant tolerance of cable to pickup and easy transfer at switches. Allows you to benefit from unrestricted travel speed, bringing shorter production times and higher efficiency to the production process. This technology facilitates automated processes, especially in intralogistics and resistant to harsh environments.

Areas of application

  • Sorter systems
  • Skillet conveyors with elevating tables
  • Pallet transfer shuttles
  • Electrified monorail systems (EMS)
  • Conveying systems in logistics centres
  • Skillet conveyors with elevating table
  • Stacker cranes
  • Amusement parks
  • Lifts or satellites

Stationary components

Mobile components

iDAT Positioning

Your benefits

+ Easy to configure

  • cost efficiencies thanks to a lean, compelling system design
  • brackets clip into the rail
  • double cable primary

+ Safe and Noiseless environment

  • no exposed electrical contacts due to completely insulated and no galvanic transfer
  • the system does not produce any noise emissions or vibration
  • not susceptible to environmental influences

+ Modular design and wide range of pickups

  • due to the modular structure, many diverse combinations of power ranges can be assembled.
  • standalone or multiple unit operation
  • wide range of pickups meet your power requirements

+ Low operating costs

  • Increases system availability and minimizes maintenance requirements in the long term

+ Suitable for harsh, water or sensitive environments

  • minimizes the chance of additional contamination in areas that must be kept clean
  • very suitable in water solutions or wet and damp locations. 

+ Designed to power Industry 4.0 applications

  • Data supplied via a proprietary IO-Link port are the first step to providing system designers real-time information on power, temperature and status, for industry 4.0

+ Transparent interfaces

  • based on international norms, connects to most standard equipment

+ High speeds

Without sliding brushes and moving mechanical parts:

  • IPT’s contactless energy supply enables high speeds of more than 10 m/s
  • the system does not produce any noise emissions or vibration

+ Ideally suited for long-distance tracks

  • Due to the modular structure of our IPT’s applications, many various combinations can be assembled and therefore remarkably suitable for tracks with long distances.

+ Increased productivity

  • no wearing mechanical parts
  • no collector dust generated
  • large mechanical traverse tolerances
  • high travelling speeds
  • unlimited forward and reverse movement

Projects with IPT® Rail

With the IPT® Rail contactless energy transfer system, IPT provides innovative possibilities to plant manufacturers and system operators of light and heavy-duty transport systems. Here an overview of some companies that already been successfully implemented IPT’s contactless power transfer in their applications.

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