IPT® Rail 20 kHz

Contactless power supply system for industrial rail-mounted material handling applications. High speed, emission-free and resistant to harsh environments.

When supplying power to rail-mounted vehicles, a continuous inductive contactless supply is generally required along the entire path of travel. IPT® Rail features a protruding primary track that is installed parallel to the rail. The elevated installation of the cable to guide vehicles allow the use of E-shape pickups that are attached to the driven vehicle and envelope both track cables from several sides. This type of power supply is made for high speed travelling over long-distance, emission-free and resistant to harsh environments.

Stationary components

Mobile components

iDAT Positioning

Your benefits

Increased productivity

  • no wearing mechanical parts
  • no collector dust generated
  • large mechanical traverse tolerances
  • high travelling speeds
  • unlimited forward and reverse movement

Easy to configure

  • cost efficiencies thanks to a lean, compelling system design
  • brackets clip into the rail
  • double cable primary

Safe and Noiseless environment

  • no exposed electrical contacts due to completely insulated and no galvanic transfer
  • the system does not produce any noise emissions or vibration
  • not susceptible to environmental influences

Modular design and wide range of pickups

  • due to the modular structure, many diverse combinations of power ranges can be assembled.
  • wide range of pickups meet your power requirements

Low operating costs

Increases system availability and minimizes maintenance requirements in the long term

Suitable for harsh, water or sensitive environments

  • minimizes the chance of additional contamination in areas that must be kept clean
  • very suitable in water solutions or wet and damp locations. 

Transparent interfaces

  • based on international norms, connects to most standard equipment

High speeds

Without sliding brushes and moving mechanical parts:

  • IPT’s contactless energy supply enables high speeds of more than 10 m/s
  • the system does not produce any noise emissions or vibration

Ideally suited for long-distance tracks

Due to the modular structure of our IPT’s applications, many various combinations can be assembled and therefore remarkably suitable for tracks with long distances.

Areas of application

  • Sorter systems
  • Skillet conveyors with elevating tables
  • Pallet transfer shuttles
  • Electrified monorail systems (EMS)
  • Conveying systems in logistics centres
  • Skillet conveyors with elevating table
  • Stacker cranes
  • Amusement parks
  • Lifts or satellites

Projects with IPT® Rail

With the IPT® Rail contactless energy transfer system, IPT provides innovative possibilities to plant manufacturers and system operators of light and heavy-duty transport systems. Here an overview of some companies that already been successfully implemented IPT’s contactless power transfer in their applications.

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