IPT® Charge Ship

Inductive DC 100 kW

IPT wireless charging for e-ships is easy to install, convenient to use and competitive in price. A great new market application for electric & hybrid ships like ferries, tugs and workboats for example. Wireless charging is best suited for uses with a high number of charging periods per day. Water and electricity go perfectly well together using induction technology and therefore exceptionally reliable in harsh maritime climates.


Electric & Hybride Ferries, Commercial Yachts, Fishing Vessels, Tugs & Workboats, Research Vessels
Charging solution:
overnight & en-route opportunity
Environment operating:
indoor & outdoor
Output DC voltage range:
400 V – 600 V
Rated DC output power:
100 kW
Input AC line-line voltage range:
400 V AC ± 10%

Why chose IPT wireless charging?

+ Flexible and fast

  • No range or recharging constraints
  • Seamless integration into existing operations
  • Uninterrupted service

+ Convenient and automatic

  • Fully automatic, driver-friendly and hassle-free charging
  • One person operation
  • No specific qualifications or training necessary for use
  • A high charging time ratio
  • Ready for autonomous operation

+ Invisible and clean

  • No more catenaries, cables, wires or plugs
  • No emissions, carbon or noxious gases
  • No noise or vibrations

+ Reliable and easy

  • Reliable even in the most adverse weather conditions including saltwater, snow and ice
  • Water & electricity go well together using induction technology
  • No moving parts, less maintenance, longer lifetimes
  • Quickly and easily installed

+ Convenient and safe

  • Fast charging and minimized energy loss for reduced operating costs
  • Small and compact for easy maintenance and higher passenger capacity
  • No galvanic cable connections ship to shore
  • A broad margin for movement ship versus shore
  • Reduction of the total cost of ownership as well as lifecycle expenses

Stationary components

Mobile components

Download Brochure and Product Datasheets

- Track Supply
- Rectifier 50 kW 600 V 83 A
- Monitoring Unit outdoor IP54 400 V
- Monitoring Unit Indoor
- Litz Cable
- F-Pickup 50 kW 600V
- Cooling System Rittel
- Charge Pads 100 kW

Projects with IPT® Charge Ship 100kW

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