IPT® Charge Bus

Inductive DC 100 kW

IPT wireless charging for e-buses is easy to install, convenient to use and competitive in price. It incorporates high power charging at the most convenient points along bus routes or overnight charging. IPT’s solution for e-buses provides reliable service at maximum passenger capacity while minimizing infrastructure.


Electric & Hybride Bus, Truck, Port, Mining
Charging solution:
overnight & en-route opportunity
Environment operating:
indoor & outdoor
Output DC voltage range:
400 V – 600 V
Rated DC output power:
100 kW
Input AC line-line voltage range:
400 V AC ± 10%

Why chose IPT wireless charging?

+ Flexible and fast

  • No range or recharging constraints
  • Seamless integration into existing operations
  • Uninterrupted service

+ Convenient and automatic

  • Fully automatic, driver-friendly and hassle-free charging
  • No specific qualifications or training necessary for use

+ Invisible and clean

  • No more catenaries, cables, wires or plugs
  • No emissions, carbon or noxious gases
  • No noise or vibrations

+ Reliable and easy

  • Reliable even in the most adverse ground and weather conditions including sand, snow and ice
  • No moving parts, less maintenance, longer lifetimes
  • Quickly and easily installed

+ Convenient and safe

  • Fast charging and minimized energy loss for reduced operating costs
  • Small and compact for easy maintenance and higher passenger capacity
  • Reduction of the total cost of ownership as well as lifecycle expenses

Stationary components

Mobile components

Download Brochure and Product Datasheets

- Track Supply
- Remote Battery Charging Interface Buses
- Rectifier 50kW 600V 83A
- Monitoring Unit outdoor IP54 400V
- Monitoring Unit Indoor
- Litz Cable
- In Ground Module Buses
- F-Pickup 50 kW-600V
- Cooling System Rittel
- Charge Module 100 kW

Projects with IPT® Charge Bus 100kW

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