Become an OEM Partner

At IPT, we embrace the spirit of collaboration and accept the challenge of exceeding our customer’s expectations by delivering easy integration of advanced wireless power transfer applications for industrial and e-mobility solutions.

Our high quality, low-maintenance products have been proven for more than 20 years in the most demanding industrial environments. The versatility of the products offers numerous possibilities to place our solution on the market. Our core markets include E-mobility, Material Handlings, Intralogistics, Automotive, Maritime, Port Technology, People Movers, Light Rail systems, Amusement rides, Mining and many types of automated machines.

What better way to achieve this than to partner with organizations that are eager to add that missing piece to their solution. We welcome the chance to work with your team to deliver what cannot be done alone. Our hands-on approach allows OEM partners to quickly increase their expertise by accessing new product and feature release information, training, product management, marketing and technical support.

OEM Partner Details

  • Provides opportunities with high-end proven wireless power supply applications
  • Creates additional value for clients
  • Our technological solutions differentiate an OEM partner in the competitive market
  • Reduces research, design and development costs and long time-to-market
  • Provides proven products based on the latest technology and architecture
  • Guarantees continuous product investment and evolution to satisfy the market and client requirements
  • Offers product integration and other technical or functional support
  • Ensures that the OEM partner does not miss the product window
  • Provides joint promotions and complimentary marketing benefits

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