OEM Partner

Why Become an OEM Partner?

The OEM Partnership is providing our partners with easy integration to IPT Wireless Power Transfer applications for industrial and E mobility. As an IPT OEM Partner, you will be able to concentrate on your core business and then use our proven solutions and applications as a front end to wireless power transfer.

Become an OEM partner, and we will provide you with all the necessary applications, software tools, and training to promote successfully wireless power solutions to your customers. We will also assist you in supporting your customers’ use of our products.

Contact us about your opportunities for success and our mutual growth.

OEM Partner Details

  • Provides product bundling opportunities with world-class proven IPT applications
  • Creates additional value for clients
  • Differentiates an OEM partner in the competitive market
  • Reduces research, design and development costs and long time-to-market
  • Provides proven products based on the latest technology and architecture
  • Guarantees continuous product investment and evolution to satisfy the market and client requirements
  • Offers product integration and other technical or functional support
  • Ensures that the OEM partner does not miss the product window
  • Provides joint promotions and complimentary marketing benefits

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