Turin & Genua – with 17 years the longest fleet of 23 e-buses with inductive charging technology in operation

The operation of the bus lines Star 1 and 2 with and thanks to IPT® Charge – a unique experience

Since the rollout (2002/2003), the electric buses in Turin have been the largest electric bus fleet in Europe for many years. The vehicles and their wireless charging technology are so successful and easy to use that the Turin public transport company (GTT) is planning on their deployment for many years to come. 200 km per day per bus have accumulated over the years to a unique experience.

The buses, which were originally equipped with lead batteries (63 kWh), were able to achieve the required power requirements only by means of inductive opportunity charging. Charging stations were set up at each end of the bus lines. The regular waiting times according to the timetables are used to load the buses for a few minutes for the next route. Thus the range of the buses can be multiplied.

The technology of cable-free charging solutions is literally a “hidden champion”: built in such a way that one can only recognize its presence on the second or third glance, it allows a bus operation that is clean, quiet, efficient and absolutely competitive to diesel buses. Arguments that have convinced in Turin.