When power transfer becomes smart

With a trend towards ‘smart industry,’ many industrial companies are redefining the infrastructure of their production processes. And with that new infrastructure comes a higher level of automation. It brings companies to reconsider the way they have been energies their production processes. With more than 24 years experience we offer an advanced generation of industrial charging solutions that bring flexibility to production processes and guarantees optimum safety and improved availability. As your partner for industrial charging solutions, we offer several possible charging options:

Either of these options allows continuous power transfer up to 40 kW and are even suitable for harsh or sensitive environments. The fully electronic nature of our wireless electrification technology allows noiseless high-speed transport, thus contributing to HSE management. Our solutions are maintenance-free and enable you to focus on your core business. And that business will definitely benefit from our technology since that technology guarantees improved reliability and availability. Typical applications where you will find our industrial charging solutions are AGV’s, sorters, EMS, skillets and continuously charged industrial internal transport facilities. 

IPT® Rail

offering a protruding primary track arrangement in which an e-pickup envelopes both track cables from several sides

IPT® Floor

embedding primary cables in the floor or in other surfaces to be used with flat e-pickups

IPT® Charge

charging solutions for industrial trucks, robots and lifting systems

IPT® Rail
Keeps you on track

When supplying power to rail-mounted vehicles, a continuous inductive supply is generally required along the entire path of travel. IPT® Rail features a protruding primary track that is installed parallel to the rail. The elevated installation of the cable to guide vehicles allow the use of E-shape pickups that are attached to the driven vehicle and envelope both track cables from several sides. By using this technology, you’ll benefit from reduced maintenance costs since there is no mechanical wear and tear and related maintenance is not required.

The IPT® Rail solution has no moving parts. Combined with the high mechanical tolerances, this allows you to benefit from the highest travelling speeds and easy transfer at switches bringing shorter production times and higher efficiency to the production process.  And that process could be almost any: thanks to the absence of galvanic contact surfaces the IPT® Rail solution could be used even under the most critical conditions making your plant a safer and more reliable place to work in. Even safety zones in front of switches or lifts could be safely powered using inductive coupling. 

IPT® Floor
Powering without obstacles

For floor surface conveyors, the goal is to achieve a level floor with no obstacles for persons, forklifts or other equipment in the factory environment, to eliminate hazardous contact rails, and to render batteries in vehicles either superfluous or more efficient. IPT® Floor features one or more cable loops embedded in the floor of your industrial environment inductively powering vehicles. The cable routing also defines the travelling path of vehicles. While various travelling paths can be defined as the vehicle and its movement can be controlled. With an embedded cable path for transferring power to the vehicle, the industrial environment stays free from obstacles.

Once the inductive power solution is embedded in the floor, it doesn’t require any maintenance. There is no mechanical load on the cables preventing them from wear and tear and allowing you to focus on your core business. On top of the inductive charging, IPT® Floor also offers inductive data transfer using iDAT. That enables to save on expensive and unwanted mechanical guidance slots. The embedded inductive cable loops of IPT® Floor have no galvanic contact surfaces making this system the ideal powering or electrification solution for severe or critical conditions.

IPT® Charge
Charging your trucks, robots and lifting systems

To optimize efficiency, improve cost-effectiveness or fulfil the occupational health and safety requirements, industrial companies make use of robots, lifting equipment and trucks ranging from forklift trucks to heavy-duty trucks. Preventing downtime and disruption of the production processes requires smart charging solutions of the trucks and equipment.

Wireless charging of trucks and equipment could be done overnight or en-route. It requires minimal onboard energy storage and offers entirely new perspectives for the operation and design of your production equipment. 

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