Contactless power transfer for Electrified Monorail Systems (EMS)

IPT Contactless Power Supply solutions for electric monorail system (EMS) are more flexible, higher travel speed, cleaner, and requires less maintenance

Initially designed as an off-floor material supply conveyor for the automotive industry, the EMS system is adopted for other assembly operations like food and beverage packaging, distribution warehouses, and airport logistics.

EMS systems with an IPT Rail contactless power supply system handles light and heavy loads and single or multi-axis applications. Also, it eliminates points of failure associated with sensors, chains, and bus bars. In addition, the electric monorail design decentralized intelligence; each trolley carries to travel at different speeds, controls, communications, and power electronics, allowing it to operate independently, chart its own path, gently braking and accelerating and adapt to changes in production requirements or process variables.

Interested in an EMS system that requires less maintenance and providing flexible, noiseless high travelling speed?

Then IPT® Rail is the perfect power supply solution for your EMS system. IPT® Rail systems enable a continuous contactless supply of energy to the moving carriers. It operates on the principle of inductive energy transfer and allows applications to achieve a higher process performance than alternative solutions.

When supplying power to carriers, a continuous inductive contactless track supply is required along the entire path of travel. IPT® Rail features a protruding primary track that is installed parallel to the EMS system. This power supply is made for high-speed travelling over long-distance, emission-free and resistant to all temperature, humidity or dust-free controlled environments. Contactless technology also doesn’t add friction or movement-resistance, usually added by busbar implementation.

For more than 24 years, IPT offers reliable contactless power supply solutions for your sorter needs, including our optional iDAT solution for an inductive communication position system that generates no radio waves.

Your benefits at a glance

IPT contactless power systems are highly energy-efficient, eliminating contact between moving parts and providing minimal wear and tear levels without compromising speed, capacity, and reliability.

+ High Availability and Safety

Completely insulated, no galvanic contacts for energy transfer. The contactless technology allows a stable and continuous electric power supply.

+ Maintenance-free and reliable

No mechanical or electrical connections for power transfer.

+ High Power Transfer

750 W up to 44 KW or more per vehicle. 

+ Independent Loads

One contactless energy pickup can feed the energy to multiple carriers.

+ Efficient and Quiet operation

No sliding brushes and moving mechanical parts.

+ Suitable for Harsh, Water or Sensitive Environments

Stringent temperature control, humidity or dust-free environments, such as the pharmaceutical and food production industry.

+ Transparent Interfaces

Connects to most standard equipment in compliance with international norms.

+ Design Freedom

IPT® enables new innovative solutions. 

+ Low Operating Costs

By using this technology, you’ll benefit from reduced maintenance costs since there is no mechanical wear and tear, and related maintenance is not required.

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