Contactless, inductive energy transfer for Electrified Monorail Systems (EMS). Resulting in higher speeds and tolerances

Electrified Monorail Systems (EMS) are a means of transport for material flow in manufacturing processes or logistics. They are typically used to connect production and production lines or cells, to the transport of goods for storage and retrieval. This could be combined with order picking or even passing through assembly lines.

The automotive industry typically uses EMSs to transport a wide variety of loads such as body parts, seats, engines, transmissions or chassis. Each vehicle of an EMS is equipped with intelligent onboard controllers, allowing them to travel at different speeds, gently braking and accelerating, or performing various movements.

The challenge

Permanent contact and various travel speeds lead to wear and tear. Conventional systems, therefore, require frequent, regular maintenance. Besides the costs of wear of the components and workforce, this also causes unwanted downtime of the system.

The solutions

Contactless, inductive energy transfer allows higher travel speeds and higher mechanical tolerances than conventional systems. Also, it offers noiseless and maintenance-free energy transfer.


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