Transmits of power and data without direct contact – ideal for underwater rides in theme parks

Amusement rides are operated in-and outdoors and are getting faster and more thrilling.

The challenge

Energy transmission must be designed for all climate and weather conditions. High vibrations, many accelerations and large temperature fluctuations add mechanical demands on the products in use. Last but not least, the technology has to be integrated perfectly into the overall design of an amusement ride in order not to affect its appearance adversely. Typically energy transmission requires a very compact and flexible design.

The solutions

IPT is the ideal solution for railways in the water, where conventional solutions reach their limits. The IPT energy transmission operates quietly, without speed limit and mechanical wear. Even powering up a ride 3 meters underwater has proven to work reliably for more than 15 years.


IPT is in use for amusement rides in many well-known amusement parks around the world.

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