Revolutionary elevator solutions. Cable-free and shaft independently driven cabins.

For almost 170 years, elevators have transported people or loads in a moving cabin, a car or on a platform between levels. Since its introduction, various types of elevators have evolved without the basic principle has changed significantly.

The challenge

A conventional elevator is guided in shafts over cables. Due to the construction, such a lift is limited in height. Long, heavy wires that are constantly being moved along with the cabin are a limiting factor for travel speed. Besides the construction with cables is a subject to wear and tear. For inclinators, there is the additional fact that hanging cables are even not possible.

The solutions

IPT makes maintenance-free operation with optimized space-requirements reality. That makes IPT the enabling technology for a true revolution in the elevator business with cable-free, shaft independently driven cabins. Each cabin has its linear drive, and cabins can move both horizontally and vertically. And with no cables visible, IPT is also the ideal architectural solution for outdoor elevators running up and down that façade.


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