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IPT-PRIMOVE is the only system that charges electric vehicles at very high levels of efficiency and power transfer while they are in motion and at rest. It uses wireless energy induction to charge any light-duty or heavy-duty vehicles, including buses, trucks, fleets, taxis, cars and ships.

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IPT-PRIMOVE Dynamic Charging

IPT® Charge Bus
Stay competitive with clean technology

Public transport is evolving rapidly, both literally and figuratively, to remain competitive and become more environmental friendly. In parallel public transport operators need to maintain the high reliability and availability that is required by the character of their service. And with public authorities getting more and more involved in keeping their cities clean, there is also an ever-increasing demand for clean and silent technologies to power public transport. IPT® Charge Bus puts clean, silent and zero-emission at your fingertips. The technology is used to charge buses of all sizes, full electric as well as hybrid buses.

IPT® Charge Bus is a unique system which enables electric buses to operate fully on the principle of en-route charging to extend the range of an electric bus. A minimal onboard energy storage, enough to reach the next charging station plus a small safety margin, becomes practically sufficient to operate a vehicle optimally. The optimal charging scenario depends on the type of bus, the profile of the route and other factors and consequently so do the resulting advantages. But common for all scenarios is that IPT® Charge Bus offers entirely new perspectives for the operation and design of electric buses.

IPT® Charge Bus is a wireless power transfer system that allows electrical energy to be supplied to consumers without any electrical or mechanical contact or intervention. Charging can be made possible at virtually any opportunity. The modularity of IPT® Charge Bus makes it versatile and suitable for all typical bus sizes. Besides, it allows extremely flexible adaption to operational demands.

Product IPT® Charge Bus

The technology behind IPT wireless charging

IPT® wireless charge bus is based on high power inductive energy transfer between components integrated into streets and the receiving equipment installed beneath the vehicle. These components communicate with the vehicle to start the contactless charging process automatically as the vehicle simply covers the charging segment on the floor.

IPT® Charge Fleet
Charge your fleet via contactless power transfer

Electric mobility is taking off as technology of choice for fleet owners leaving fossil-fueled combustion engines behind. With zero emissions, a high efficiency, quiet operation and cost savings, the technology has a lot to offer. Charging of the onboard energy storage is often realised in the ‘conventional way’ by plugging a connection into the vehicle.

A user-friendly alternative offers the contactless, intervention-free power transfer. This technology enhances the efficiency and suppresses all kinds of operational risks. Having the primary coil beneath the ground, it also prevents any vandalism and the build-up of dirt. Combining modern charging algorithms, energy regeneration and intervention-free en-route charging, IPT® Charge overcomes conventional problems of onboard energy storage with today’s technology.

IPT® Charge Fleet is a contactless, hassle-free charging solution that allows electrical energy to be supplied to commercial fleets, such as delivery and postal vans, taxi’s, garbage trucks as well as car-share concepts. Charging can be made possible at virtually any opportunity. The charging process is optimised by a constant interaction between the onboard battery management system and the track supply. The track supply only provides the instantaneously required power. IPT Technology supplies all the products and expertise that are necessary for an optimised charging solution for fleet owners.

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IPT® Charge Personal Car
Convenient and safe domestic solution

With electrical vehicles becoming the standard wireless charging is in the spotlight as a cost-effective, safe and hassle-free alternative for the traditional wired charging stations. By 2025 it is expected that most of the cars, be it luxury electric sedans to everyday commuter cars, will be charged wireless. It’s convenient, safe since the absence of wired connections, maintenance-free and immune to dirt and water.

Charging can be made possible at virtually any opportunity: at home but also in parking garages of malls, for instance. And with multinationals and car manufacturers investing in autonomous driving, a proper charging solution should be available as well. Wireless charging solutions can take you from overnight to charging en-route enabling wireless semi-dynamic or dynamic for autonomous driving. 

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IPT® Charge Ship
Your safe journey starts with IPT

Go green not only applies to onshore e-mobility anymore. Evermore operators of (coastal) ferries and vessels are searching for solutions that enable them to fulfil the environmental regulatory demands. Wireless charging based on inductive power transfer offers it all: a higher utilisation of the available charging time, increased safety and unprecedented system reliability. Wireless charging in harbours eliminates the cable connection between the vessel and shore. It not only guarantees safe connections and disconnections but also reduces maintenance since wear and tear to physical connection lines is eliminated.

Based on inductive power transfer wireless charging is interesting for newbuild and conversions as well. Converting or retrofitting diesel-powered ships into hybrid or fully electric will result in considerable emission reductions and increased operational efficiency thanks to the automatic nature of wireless charging. IPT Technology will guide you through to process of getting wireless. From consulting, R&D, production, sales up to project management, commissioning and service and maintenance – we’re there to help you.

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