Wireless Automatic Charging your Car at Home with the new Z-Mover

Make life easy with wireless charging of any private electric car at home. The new Z-Mover wireless charging system from IPT-PRIMOVE overcomes charging constraints with a fast, safe and automatic charging process for any electric or plugin hybrid car. The compact system can easily be retrofitted into the underside of any vehicle and requires no plugging. Making electric driving more convenient than ever before.

Wireless Home Charging retrofitted in any electric car
The IPT-PRIMOVE wireless charging system requires no cables or plugs, making the use of electric cars easy and convenient. The car drives over the charging pad on the ground. Once the car comes to a stop over the charging pad, the primary winding in the pad induces an electromagnetic field captured by the compact pick-up coil located on the underside of the car.

Charging stops automatically when the car’s battery is fully charged. The driver can also interrupt the charging at any time. The system is ideally suited for locations where the cars usually park, such as private and company garages.

The Z-Mover can be easily retrofitted to different car platforms and classes – from smaller sports cars to larger SUVs. It is also scalable to be adapted to other power classes from 3.6 kW to 11 kW.

The Z Mover. Convenient Automatic Charging at Home

+ Automatic

  • No cables or plugs (remains available)
  • Automatic positioning system
  • Ready for autonomous parking
  • Designed for outdoor use

+ Efficient

  • High efficiency 
  • One system fits all vehicle heights
  • Easy to retrofit in any car
  • Compact and light design

+ Safe

  • Integrated high-end metal detection 
  • Minimized electromagnetic emissions 
  • No access for living objects 
  • Pinch protection included

Available end of 2022. More information?