Dynamic Wireless Charging of Electric Vehicles in Motion

Consider a future without ever needing to stop to recharge the battery of a personal car, taxi, truck or bus. Instead, power generated by nearby wind and solar resources is delivered wirelessly from the roadway to the vehicle while it is in motion.

Various applications could use the technology and benefit the transition to zero-emission mobility. For example, trucks or busses can top up their battery during their long-distance work cycles instead of driving to a specific charge station site. It also helps the power network by charging vehicles at moments during their journeys, instead of plugging in at peak power demand moments such as in the early evening when people come home from work.

Let’s move passengers and not batteries

Not having to stop for recharging will make EVs genuinely autonomous because the vehicles can remain in service for many hours. Maybe the best part is that EVs with a dynamic wireless charging system can have much smaller batteries. Thus, this solution reduces the environmental impact, cost and therefore accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles.

Easy Urban Mobility 

    • Unlimited mobility and no recharging hassles 
    • Due to dynamic and static energy transfer 
    • Applicable to all types of vehicles 
    • One technology for slow- and high-speed charging 
    • Safe, invisible and tamper-proof 
    • High power, high efficiency and cost-effective 
    • Low installation and maintenance requirements 

Today’s best-proven Concept for Dynamic Wireless Charging

The unique patterned IPT PRIMOVE technology works through magnetic inductive power transfer. Energy flows from the pre-assembled ground winding coils to a receiver pad under the vehicle through electromagnetic induction – a technology you might already using every day by charging your electric toothbrush. All wayside components fit entirely in the envelope of the vehicle and are completely covered to allow for normal traffic flow.

IPT PRIMOVE has a tested and a proven concept of Dynamic wireless charging at different test locations in Germany and Belgium with varying vehicles like trucks, buses, delivery vans, and passenger cars. With a proven continuous charging capacity of 180 kW, while driving 80 km/h (50 mph) with an overall efficiency of more than 90 per cent, it shows that IPT PRIMOVE is today’s best-proven concept for Dynamic Wireless Charge.

Project Lommel, Belgium (Bus & Personal Car)

Demonstrating the power of Dynamic Charging

This joint project will demonstrate the efficiency and practical feasibility of inductive charging for:

  • Buses and cars
  • Stationary and dynamic use
  • Wireless charging and powering without downtime
  • Emissions-free operation
  • Concrete Road with Concrete Modules
  • Asphalt Road with Asphalt Modules

Testing performance

A Van Hool bus was adapted with a PRIMOVE energy pick-up system to demonstrate static and dynamic inductive charging on the road equipped with PRIMOVE technology.

The pick-up is powered by energy transfer segments of varying lengths installed in the 1.2 km road. The 3.6 m and 8.1 m inductive segments demonstrate wireless charging on both cars and buses. The longer segments were used to test dynamic inductive power transfer on sections of the highway.

During the second phase, another section was installed with an asphalt top layer instead of concrete to prove IPT PRIMOVE’s performance on different road materials.

Later on, an electric Volvo C30 car was used to demonstrate the application of IPT PRIMOVE can be adapted to vehicles.

Project Mannheim, Germany (Truck & Bus)

Demonstrating Dynamic charging for highway application

  • Vehicle: SCANIA Truck
  • Design constraints:
    • PRIMOVE 200 kW
    • System design based on PRIMOVE experiences
    • Pavement to be designed for public roads

Infrastructure according to existing design Taylor and Sullivan Barracks

The distance of the loop was calculated in order to be able to drive at 60 km/h on the PRIMOVE dynamic charging area. The whole length is approximately 330 meters. This should allow a heavy vehicle to roll at 60 km/h during 80 meters:

  • 150 meters to achieve the speed of 80 km/h.
  • 80 meters with Primove Dynamic charging
  • 100 meters to break



Technology of choice

+ Inductive Power Transfer technology

IPT PRIMOVE uses induction, which today powers everything from electric generators in power plants to electric toothbrushes. In induction, an electric current travelling through a conductor generates a magnetic field, which produces a current in a separate conductor placed within that field.

IPT PRIMOVE deploys inductive technology to drive vehicles. The system provides ample power for any electric vehicle. Cables in the road provide the energy source. When an IPT PRIMOVE vehicle passes over a segment, it is energised and creates a magnetic field. The vehicle’s power receiver captures the magnetic energy and turns it into an electric current to drive or charge it.

+ Available for all electric vehicles

The technology is the ideal power source for realising zero emissions in the bus and automotive industry. Vehicles like trucks and buses routinely travel hundreds of kilometres a day, but the battery range is often not enough.

If equipped with IPT PRIMOVE dynamic technology, vehicles can charge as they travel – for uninterrupted service.

+ Fully Safe

With electric cables under the road surface, there is no exposure to the elements, people or animals. The cables consist of independent segments that are only energised when activated and fully covered by a vehicle equipped with IPT PRIMOVE technology.

At all other times, the segments are inactive with no electromagnetic emissions. The magnetic field is found under the vehicle and presents no risk to passengers or bystanders. At the same time, it does not interfere with other systems or other electrical devices such as mobile phones and heart pacemakers.

+ Fully Compliant

The IPT PRIMOVE Dynamic charging system is compliant with all applicable codes and standards for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). In addition, it meets all industry requirements for magnetic field emissions.

+ Fully Reliable

The system infrastructure is in the road, which means
no charging stations and no plugs or above-ground cables. This greatly reduces the risk of tampering and malfunctions. And because it is weatherproof, the system performs reliably even under adverse conditions such as snow, rain or ice.

+ Fully Flexible

As no direct contact is required for power transfer, the IPT PRIMOVE Dynamic charging system is fully flexible and can be tailored to any city or operator’s individual needs. It can be used 1) dynamically to power vehicles in motion, 2) stationary if a vehicle is charged briefly during its trip, for example, at a traffic light or a taxi lane at the airport, and 3) statically to charge electric vehicles while they’re parked. The system operates over any distance and in all surroundings.

+ Fully Intermodal

As our projects have demonstrated, the IPT PRIMOVE infrastructure can be shared by different types of public and private vehicles. This opens up numerous possibilities for intermodal e-mobility models such as door-to-door public transportation via buses, trams, taxis and cars.

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