IPT joint the task force SAE standardisation of wireless charging EV’s

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IPT joint the Task Force SAE international standardisation of wireless charging EV’s.

IPT / PRIMOVE is excited and honoured to be part of the international task force with the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) for global standardisation of wireless light-duty and heavy-duty electric-vehicle charging. With nearly 25 years of development and practical experience in the field, we are convinced to contribute to the acceleration of the technology’s rollout.

SAE ensures that electric vehicle wireless power transfer systems from diverse manufacturers will seamlessly interoperate with each other. SAE TIR J2954 (light-duty vehicles) & SAE TIR J2954/2 (heavy-duty vehicles) is the norm for inductive testing and a guide to assure the performance and safety of Wireless Power Transfer systems when parts of the system are provided from different vendors. All of this makes it possible to transfer power over an air gap with high efficiencies seamlessly, automate charging, and extend the vehicle customer’s range only by parking in the right spot.

SAE TIR J2954/2 establishes an industry-wide specification guideline that defines good interoperability, safety, and testing for wireless charging of heavy-duty and offroad BEV and PHEV vehicles and equipment applications. The goal is to aim for harmonisation with SAE J2954 (light-duty vehicles) standardisation. Power Classes for heavy-duty vehicles and equipment applications are above 22 kW. In addition, vehicle to Ground Assembly alignment is also included.

Welcome to our team Alessandro Fossemo

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Welcome Alessandro Fossemo!

Our new Sales & Business Development Manager – Industrial Movement and Mobility

We are pleased to announce that Alessandro Fossemo has joined IPT Technology GmbH in the role of Sales & Business Development Manager for the Industrial Movement and Mobility.

Alessandro is originally from Italy and currently resides in Austria. He holds an MBA degree from Webster University and a master’s degree in engineering Electronic Automation from Ancona, Italy. He is also a certified Lean Six Sigma green belt holder.

Over the last 20 years, he has been working in various technical, sales, and management roles within industries; including telecom, industrial machinery, electrical systems for energy storage (EV, Automotive and Industrial), and brings several months of wireless charging experience.

Alessandro will put full focus on sales and business development for our existing and new industrial range. His work will include sales engineering & application activities, developing and managing international sales & service partner network, developing OEM business and providing customer support activities for our current and future industrial Movement and Mobility Business.

We are happy to have you onboard Alessandro! Your knowledge and experience will be valuable to IPT.

IPT Group taken over PRIMOVE E-mobility Wireless Charging technology portfolio

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IPT Group taken over PRIMOVE E-mobility Wireless Charging technology portfolio

IPT Group, holding company of IPT Technology, one of the leading global manufacturers of wireless charging and electrification solutions applied in industrial and e-mobility applications, has acquired PRIMOVE, the e-mobility inductive charging technology portfolio from Bombardier.

With this acquisition, IPT combines two cleantech scale-ups in wireless power transfer for e-mobility benefiting from synergies, thereby accelerating IPT’s offering of a complete product portfolio to serve various markets.

“By acquiring PRIMOVE we’re complementing our existing IP and product portfolio and speed up our product-to-market plans,” says IPT’s management, Richard van den Dool and Victor Hoynck van Papendrecht. Both IPT Technology and PRIMOVE are global leaders in wireless charging technology and innovative pioneers with various pilots, prototypes and proofs of concept. Since its start in 2008, PRIMOVE has developed a strong patent portfolio for E-Mobility applications and delivered impressive innovations, achievements and technical knowhow. Next to bus applications, PRIMOVE has invested substantially in light-duty vehicle applications. IPT Technology has its roots in industrial wireless applications and has developed heavy-duty e-mobility solutions. By combining the technology and expertise of both companies, IPT is strengthening its market position and accelerating its business planning.

“PRIMOVE and IPT share a wealth of technology, market experience and installed base. IPT has an ambitious product development strategy”, says CEO/CCO Richard van den Dool. “Now the global energy transition and change-over to battery-driven vehicles are taking off; we need to accelerate our product development. Our focus will move from research, concept and prototype phase, to developing serial products.” Smart City, Smart Mobility, Industry 4.0, Autonomous Driving and other Megatrends are highly dependent on the availability of wireless electrification facilities. “Market demand for static and (semi)dynamic wireless charging applications will boost for all types of transport vehicles by rail, road or water. IPT is fully prepared for this, but we gain direct access to PRIMOVE’s IP, knowhow, and experience with this strategic takeover. That will save time and resources, that now can spend on new developments.”

“IPT Technology is ready to scale up its product development capacity,” according to CEO/COO Victor Hoynck van Papendrecht. “IPT has developed a solid base for further growth, and strongly believes in co-operation and partnerships to build the future. Accelerating and realising our ambitions require strategic and financial partners. With the acquisition of PRIMOVE, we strengthen our product portfolio while improving our proposition as a technology provider. PRIMOVE has always focused on light-duty cars (power range from 3-22kW) and heavy-duty applications (200kW). IPT’s focus has been on Industrial Mobility, making IPT the trusted partner for leading industrial companies to dynamic wireless empower their daily processes.”

With different markets and R&D approaches for light-duty charging solutions, both companies are complementary to each other. PRIMOVE has invested substantially in developing their Z-Mover, an industrialised 3.6kW charging solution for the light-duty car market that includes an impressive metal detection and positioning system. Whereas PRIMOVE approached the car market top-down via OEM’s, IPT worked bottom-up by conducting selected pilots. The first pilot with Daimler started in 2012, followed by pilots with Porsche, Streetscooter (DHL) or EON. Currently, IPT is occupied in a Pan-European charging project driven by the EU (Horizon 2020 – User-Chi).

“We will finalise and complete the developments of PRIMOVE’s Z-Mover and implement the first pilot in Barcelona at the end of 2021,” says IPT Management. Early 2021 IPT will also participate in an innovative project driven by the UK Government (OSRIC=On street Residential Inductive Charge) for which IPT has developed an underground charging solution. This allows 14 cars (different models) to be wirelessly charged overnight via the existing lamppost infrastructure keeping street clutter clean. IPT’s market experiences and pilot agenda combined with PRIMOVE technical leadership and advantages will be a great synergy.

The overlap between the two technologies is clearly on heavy-duty bus applications. IPT has been developing and installing wireless charging solutions (60-100kW) for buses since 2004. IPT’s first-generation charging solution was installed in Turin for 23 e-buses and still is in daily operation. IPT’s 3rd generation Charge Bus technology is used in different European cities, including London and Madrid. With this acquisition, PRIMOVE’s 200kW expertise and installed based in Berlin, Mannheim, Braunschweig or Bruges will be added to the IPT portfolio. Thereby all wireless charged busses across Europe come now from the same team!

Christian Köbel, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at IPT says: “We will further optimise and combine both technologies and build a next-generation Bus Charge for depot and opportunity charging. But Bus will just be one of our focus segments. We also have an ambitious roadmap for static and dynamic wireless electrification, such as car, truck, ship, forklift, AGV/RGV or sorter line applications. With our roadmap, we will offer operators, owners and individuals an exciting range that facilitates their next step towards a wireless future.”

Terms of the deal are not disclosed.


About IPT Technology
IPT is a leading solutions provider of innovative technology and applications for wireless electrification and battery charging. IPT designs, manufactures, installs and services wireless charging systems to power up all types of vehicles ranging from cars and buses to ships, robots and material handling equipment.


More information?

IPT Group BV
or call Richard van den Dool @ +31 681601716 or +49 160 93124296


IPT wins Stifterverband Innovation Award

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IPT wins Stifterverband Innovation Award 

We have been awarded the seal of approval ‘innovative through research’ for our efforts in inductive wireless power transfer technology by the Stifterverband

We are proud of this achievement of our Research and Development team. This award is also another motivation to develop innovative power transfer solutions, and continuous are product development activities to improve our customer’s satisfaction continuously.

The Stifterverband organization manages 680 foundations with total assets of over 3.1 billion Euro and is one of the most prominent promoters of education, science and innovation in Germany.


Welcome to our team Sergio Alejandro Perez Romero 

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Welcome Sergio Alejandro Perez Romero!

Our new Sales & Business Development Manager

We are delighted to welcome Sergio Alejandro Perez Romero to our team at IPT Technology! Sergio holds a PhD and has over fifteen years of experience within urban mobility infrastructure and e-mobility transportation. The last eight years as the leading developer and technical advisor for the road infrastructure solutions in the field of wireless charging systems for public transport.

Besides that, Sergio is a very driven professional with a passion for turning all city transportation into wireless charging solutions. He strongly feels he can reach this with IPT Technology. His focus will be on sales project management, business development and sales application engineering.

We are pleased to have you onboard Sergio. We know that you will play an essential role for IPT Technology and our clients. Welcome!

We are hiring Senior Power Electronics Engineer

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Job offer

We are hiring Senior Power Electronics Engineer

We are growing and hiring a Senior Power Electronics Engineer, with experience in inductive power transfer (IPT / WPT). You will join our R&D-team and focus on the development of IPT-systems and applications on basis of our innovative research results. You are hardware focussed but have a thorough understanding of (embedded) Software. In your senior position, you will overlook our development projects and at the same time, take hands-on responsible for larger projects.
You will challenge yourself, your senior research colleague and the development teams to deliver our promise to (potential)customers. You know how to make partnerships with suppliers work. You combine your technical excellence with a sound responsibility for keeping planning and budgets. You will be the sparring-partner for management and have the understanding that a successful development-project is defined by our customers.

Do you want to join us in developing a wireless future then join our International R&D team!

The Job
As Senior Power Electronics Engineer, you are responsible for the execution of our technical roadmap, on which you, together with our Senior Research Engineer and Senior Software Developer, will advise management. Together with our Senior Research Engineer and Senior Software Developer, you will be supervising the complete R&D-team. This team consists of power electronics engineers, software developers and a technical support staff. 

Your focus will be on realising development projects; as supervisor of all development-projects, each led by a Power Electronics Engineers, but also by leading your own projects. Development projects start with product-concepts / – prototypes, to be turned into production-ready products. You combine your technical knowledge with project management experience. Your responsibilities and tasks will include:

  • coaching and supporting your team of power electronics engineers and the technical staff
  • supervise development projects ‘progress, planning and budgets
  • project management of own development projects
  • maintain contacts with strategic supply partners
  • optimise development process by standardisation (i.c.w. modularity)
  • report to management

What you bring:
Foremost we look for an energising person! You are eager to develop systems to be successfully sold to customers. You share your enthusiasm, knowledge and experience with others, but are also open to learn and further develop yourself. 


  • Master / Phd. Degree in Power Electronics Engineering
  • Substantial years of experience in Research on and Development of Inductive power transfer systems
  • Proven experience in managing technical teams and – projects
  • International background
  • Fluent in English

Our offer
A front-row seat at a company which is accelerating one of the most impactful changes in the way the world will energise transportation of goods and people. Besides this, you will be surrounded by a smart and ambitious group of people in an international environment. Salary is competitive, and we offer attractive additional benefits on top. At IPT Technology, you choose your challenges.

About IPT Technology
We’re a forefront leading solutions provider of the technology and application innovation of wireless electrification and battery charging. We design, manufacture, install and service wireless charging systems to power up all type of vehicles ranging from cars, buses to ships, robots and material handling equipment.

What’s next?
Are you our new innovative developer, who accelerates IPT technology into the future ? Perfect. We’d love to hear from you! Please send over your resume and cover letter, including the top 3 reasons why you’re an excellent fit for IPT to email:

Any questions first? Don’t hesitate to contact Victor Hoynck van Papendrecht at +31 (0) 651377337 or at +49 (0) 151 19412998

Recruitment agencies & headhunters, we don’t require your services.

Inductive charging ships

Inductive charging system suits electric ferries

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Inductive charging system suits electric ferries

German company IPT Technology has introduced an inductive charging system for battery electric ferries. The system can achieve charging capacities of up to 100 kW. This wireless ship charging is already being used in a first project in Norway.

The project in Norway is particularly special: It is a ferry that connects the districts of the southern Norwegian city of Fredrikstad with each other via a river. As the 15-metre-long passenger ferry with space for up to 50 passengers is in operation 24/7, long charging breaks in the concept phase for switching to an electric ferry were ruled out. Charging cables were too impractical for many short charging stops. With the current inductive solution, the ferry’s batteries are charged while passengers board and disembark.

On average, up to 150 short charging processes take place. The charging stops only last 112 seconds on average, which means that it is only possible to charge two kilowatt-hours per stop. Due to the frequency of charging stops, however, this is sufficient to keep the battery level in the electric ferry at around 72 per cent.

IPT also offers inductive charging systems for electric buses and electric cars but sees the new ferry application as a major growth area. “The shipping sector has enormous growth potential and is still in its infancy when it comes to electromobility,” the company writes in their accompanying press release. The inductive charging systems are particularly suitable for charging watercraft for a number of reasons, for example, they do not suffer from water accumulating in plug connections, the system is “extremely reliable in harsh marine climates” – and in Norway also insensitive to ice and snow. At present, the charging system for electric ships can be operated by a single person; in the future, autonomous operation will also be possible, according to IPT.

Author: Chris Randall

We are hiring Sales & Business Development Managers E-mobility

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Job offer

We are hiring Sales & Business Development Managers E-mobility

The future is wireless – IPT-Technology sets the standard. Inductive Power Transfer (IPT) is the technology for a seamless and efficient power transfer, no matter what industrial or e-mobility application!

We are growing and hiring Sales & Business Development Managers E-Mobility (location flexible, home-based option). You become part of our commercial team, joining us to develop E-Mobility landscapes by promoting and developing Wireless Power Transfer solutions for all type of light & heavy-duty electric transport applications. You turn wireless charging into a daily used omnipresent technology. Some Public bus and ferry transport organisations in key European cities are proving our IPT technology every day already for many years. Today we see municipalities, public transport organisations, car fleet owners and car OEM setting their E-Mobility roadmaps; it will be your mission to put wireless charging successfully as their preferred option.

Do you want to join us in developing a wireless and plugless future to charge electric vehicles, in different markets and countries, then join our International sales team!

The Job
As a Sales & Business Development Manager, you create market awareness, generate leads, bring in projects and pilots up to closing sales contracts on an international scale. Based on your input our 3 years R&D technical roadmap is built.  Besides bringing in sales your essential tasks will include:

  • Proactively seek new business opportunities in the market
  • Target primary decision-makers to promote IPT Technology and inductive solutions as prevailing charging technology.
  • Develop and maintain network with key prospects and customers: OEM (Bus, Ship, Truck, Car), Public transport organisations (PTO Bus/ferry), Cities and Municipalities, Airports, Harbors, Logistic & delivery firms, car fleet owners (taxi, lease companies, Car-sharing) Charge point operators, city landscape architects, etc.
  • Develop and work with Agents & Distributors to develop and manage local projects
  • implement & qualify marketing activities. Play an integral role in pitches, presentations, shows and events

What you bring:
Foremost we look for people with the right electric drive!  You are eager to build and develop from scratch, you love technology, are a persuasive communicator and lots of energy to be out in the market. Enthusiasm for our technology, electric mobility and the energy transition is, of course, a must.

  • Minimum Bachelor’s Degree is required (Technical, Business, Commercial).
  • Clear experience in technical sales or background in business development of new energy technologies
  • Background in electric vehicle charging, (automotive) power electronics or specialised knowledge of EVCS, Power Conditional System, and Battery Energy Storage System is an advantage.

Our offer
A front-row seat at a company which is accelerating one of the most impactful changes in recent history, the shift to wireless charging e-mobility. Besides this, you will be surrounded by a smart and ambitious group of people in an international environment. Salary is competitive, and we offer attractive additional benefits on top. At IPT Technology, you choose your challenges.

About IPT Technology
We’re a forefront leading solutions provider of the technology and application innovation of wireless electrification and battery charging. We design, manufacture, install and service wireless charging systems to power up all type of vehicles ranging from cars, buses to ships, robots and material handling equipment.

What’s next?
Are you our new commercial talent? Developing tomorrow’s cable-free urban charging infrastructure and next-gen E Mobility looks ideal for your next adventure? Perfect. We’d love to hear from you! Please send over your resume and cover letter, including the top 3 reasons why you’re an excellent fit for IPT to email:

Any questions first? Don’t hesitate to contact Richard van den Dool at +31 (0) 681601716 or at +49 (0) 151 19412998

Recruitment agencies & headhunters, we don’t require your services.

Passed! We renew our ISO 9001 certification

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Customer satisfaction is our number one goal

We are happy to inform you that we have successfully passed the audit and are now re-certified by the new ISO 9001:2015 standard.

What does this certification stand for, and what are the benefits for you?

ISO 9001:2015 is the most recognised and implemented quality management system standard in the world. ISO 9001:2015 specifies the requirements for a QMS that organisations can use to develop their own programs. Customer satisfaction is our number one goal, and therefore we strive for quality into every part of our organisation. 

Each element of a quality management system helps achieve the overall goals of meeting our customers and the organisation’s requirements.

  • Improving processes
  • Reducing waste
  • Lowering costs
  • Facilitating and identifying training opportunities
  • Engaging staff
  • Setting organisation-wide direction

With DIN ISO 9001:2015, the focus is on qualitative elements such as e.g. quality management, the monitoring of testing instruments and measuring equipment, the documentation of all relevant processes, or the regulation of knowledge and risk management. 

This way, even existing processes that already function well can be optimised and perfected to an even higher degree.

In daily cooperation with other companies, also with the decision-making process of both our and your customers – the certifications help as orientation aids and provide the foundation for taking a qualified decision.