Fully-electric ferry

In Fredrikstad (Norway) the ferry connecting old and new town exists for almost 500 years. In 2017 the discussions started to convert this connection, and to use a fully-electric ferry. While the distance crossing the river is quite short, the 50-passenger ferry today, and also in the future is supposed to provide service 24-7.

The challenge

In order to keep costs for the city reasonable, the 24-7 operation only allows for one person to operate the ferry. How should a single person plug or unplug the charge cable and at the same time perform the duties of a captain? – It’s impossible, at least with a conventional charger.

The solutions

Fredrikstad specifically requested wireless inductive charging for its ferry in the public tender, as our systems allows to continue unrestricted operation of the ferry 24-7-365.


Fully-electric 50 passenger ferry in Fredrikstad since 2019

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