Contactless inductive power transfer for Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV)

Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV) are the most flexible and versatile transport systems in intralogistics and modern production processes. AGVs can move freely across areas and through production facilities. The goal is to design a production and material flow on the hall floor that is obstacle-free for personnel and vehicles. To achieve this, the Primary track is installed in the floor or other surfaces along the path of travel. The IPT® Floor system can be placed continuously along the entire path of travel or only in defined areas.

No batteries needed with continuous power transfer.
The advantage of continuous power transfer is the total elimination of energy storage devices on the vehicles. This cuts costs related to maintenance and replacement of batteries, and often fewer vehicles are required since none are off-line for charging usually. Vehicles with their onboard power source are preferable when there are long paths that are infrequently travelled or if there are very complicated or variable paths, which can make it unfeasible to put cables in the floor. Using inductive charging paths this way has the beneficial effect of permitting opportunity charging while travelling or at idle positions.

It doesn’t require any maintenance
Once the inductive power solution is embedded in the floor, it doesn’t require any maintenance. There is no mechanical load on the cables preventing them from wear and tear and allowing you to focus on your core business.


The challenge

Flexible energy supply is a critical issue of AGVs. Conventional, wired energy supply systems are far from being flexible enough.


The solutions

Contactless inductive power transfer has prevailed due to its technical and economic advantages. IPT enables high speeds of more than 10 m/s, at the same time being maintenance-free and wear-free. IPT is typically used in connection with systems for data transmission, for position determination and control. Electrical energy is transferred to one or more mobile consumers without contact. The line cables are routed in the floor. Therefore no obstacles are disrupting transverse traffic. Time-consuming, cumbersome drag-chain systems have become a thing of the past.

IPT believes in both constant and static power transfer. Depending on the length of tracks, the weight to be moved and the required flexibility from the customer, we supply both static and continuous power supply or a combination of both.

We’re happy to advise and find the optimum solution for your automated guided vehicles (AGV)