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At IPT Technology, we believe in the power of partnerships. Our partner program is designed to make you part of our common future. With extensive product training, technical service and sales support, we offer everything you need to provide innovative future-proof power transfer and charging solutions.

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Join our team as a business partner and contribute to our common growth. We believe in co-operation, and sharing knowledge is success factors to drive that growth. And we offer you full support in getting there. Let’s charge the future! IPT sets the trend when it comes to wireless power transfer. We provide everything your customer needs, from R&D, production, sales, commissioning, up to service and maintenance.

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We offer four options for becoming an IPT Technology partner. By starting a partnership with us, you expand your business with a team of experienced specialists, that has the close involvement of an internal Inductive Power Transfer department.

Reseller/Consultant PartnerReseller/Consultant PartnerDistribution PartnerDistribution PartnerOEM PartnerOEM PartnerTechnological PartnerTechnological Partner

Our Business Partners

We are proud to have built successful projects and solutions together with our partners all over the world:

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