Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (AS/RS)

Contactless Power Supply suitable for climatic- & cleanroom-controlled environment

Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems – also referred to as ASRS systems – are used in manufacturing and distribution facilities. They replace large areas of shelving to save floor space, improve safety and increase productivity.

The storage and handling of goods in a climatic- or cleanroom-controlled environment can be quite challenging. Within the manufacturing and distribution process, some products require stringent temperature control and humidity or dust-free environments. When not handled properly, these goods have to be discarded and replaced, costing significant time and money.

Avoid pollution caused by energy transfer in climate, humidity or dust-free environments areas?

Then IPT® Rail and Floor is the perfect contactless power supply system for you. It operates on the principle of inductive energy transfer. When supplying power to rail-mounted vehicles, a continuous inductive contactless supply is required along the entire path of travel. IPT® Rail and Floor feature a protruding primary track that is installed parallel to the rail. The cable’s elevated installation to guide vehicles allows E-shape or Flat shape pickups attached to the driven vehicle and envelope both track cables from several sides. This power supply is made for high-speed travelling over long-distance, emission-free and resistant to harsh climatic room or cleanroom-controlled environments. It is particularly fit for curved trajectories where busbars don’t perform well and require high replacement costs (wear and tear of copper shoes/brushes).

IPT offers reliable power supply solutions for your AS/RS needs, including our optional iDAT solution for an inductive communication position system that generates no radio waves.

Your benefits at a glance


High Availability and Safety

- large mechanical tolerances
- no exposed electrical contacts
- high traveling speeds & noiseless
- unlimited forward and reverse movement
- not susceptible to environmental influences
- ideal for complex production flows

Low Maintenance and Operating Costs

- no wearing mechanical parts
- no collector dust generated

Easy and fast installation

- brackets clip into the rail
- better use of space at the production floor

Types of Automated Storage and Retrieval System Technologies

The ASRS technologies on the market handle different volumes, types and speeds of non-palletized inventory at variable speeds to accommodate varying throughput demands.

+ Vertical Carousels

A series of vehicles travelling bi-directionally in a vertical loop around a track, vertical carousels deliver stored items safely and quickly to an ergonomically located work counter at the operator’s control.

+ Horizontal Carousels

Highly dense storage bins mounted on a track rotates horizontally to deliver product storage locations for quick order fulfilment.

+ Vertical Lift Modules (VLMs)

These enclosed automated storage and retrieval systems consist of two trays columns with an inserter or extractor in the centre delivering trays of stored items to a location.

+ Crane Based Mini Load AS/RS

With a single, crane-mounted load handling device applied to each extremely dense storage path, mini-loads handle items in cases, totes or trays.

+ Robotic Shuttles

Handling cases, totes or trays, this type of goods-to-person automated storage system can deliver higher throughput based on the number of separately moving robotic shuttles recruited into the system.

+ Floor Robots

This solution stores inventory on compact storage shelving transported from storage to a fleet of autonomous, mobile robots.

+ High Density storage

High-density storage is a concept based on concentrating multiple charge units in as little space as possible to reduce space and costs significantly.

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