Our Values

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IPT Technology is dedicated to turning inspiring ideas into innovative and reliable wireless power products and services based on intensive R&D and close collaboration with our partners. At IPT Technology it’s all about the five core values.


We at IPT Technology are passionate about a cleaner, greener and a safer world. With our technology, we will contribute to a sustainable world. We strongly believe wireless will be the future, we are passionate to make this happen through innovative development.


In a world where change is the only constant, innovation is an absolute necessity. We supply an innovative solution for each and every customer requirement.


We believe that quality is the best guarantee for a low total cost of ownership and premium value for customers. Our products and solutions are Made in Germany.

Commitment to Customers

We believe that focus and commitment are determining factors. That’s why we develop close relationships for the best customer experience when contributing to their energy transition.


Working together, across boundaries, will lead to sustainable results. That’s why we cooperate closely with our customers and partners towards the best possible solution.

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