Negative environmental impacts from fossil fuel burning as well as the world’s increasing appetite for limited fossil fuel supplies are just two factors which speak for electrically powered vehicles. One solution are electric or hybrid electric vehicles for private users which are just now entering the market as well as electric and hybrid buses for public transportation systems.

The battery capacity limits the range of electric vehicles. Therefore (on a daily basis) electric vehicle users need a reliable and easy-to-use charging infrastructure which lets them achieve the needed ranges. Although electric vehicles are currently designed for plug-in charging, many experts agree that fully automatic charging will be a key factor to the success of electric powered mobility. With these systems, users do not have to be actively involved in plugging and unplugging their vehicles.



IPT Technology provides solutions for continuous as well as for discontinuous inductive charging. Discontinuous power transfer takes place e.g. at charging stations which transfer power contactless to vehicles parked over them.

IPT Inductive Charging System

IPT Technology is at the forefront of "opportunity charging" systems that use contactless inductive power transfer (IPT®) technology. The vehicle automatically picks up a charge when temporarily stopped or parked.

Short but frequent charging allows to extend the range. At the same time, the batteries are preserved due to the frequent charging. The absence of cables eliminates any related wear and tear. In addition, wireless charging systems are user-friendly and convenient because users do not need to plug and unplug cables. The opportunity charging system of IPT Technology offers a high level of safety and allows reliable and convenient charging.

IPT® Charge systems now operate around the world in "live" installations. The most familiar of these are in Turin and Genoa, Italy. At Turin for example, a fleet of 23 electric buses are in daily operation using IPT® Charge systems since 2003.


IPT Technology provides innovative and application ready products as well as customized solutions in the field of inductive power transfer.

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